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Dear Fellow Property Investor,

Imagine this.... You wake up on Friday at 7.30am and while sipping your coffee, you open your email and you feel a smile spread across your face as you see it's full of updates from your builder and site team, letting you know how well your latest property refurbishment project is going.

"We're on target and we don't expect any delays"

Now imagine that you've created a scenario where every property refurbishment you undertake is successful, WITHOUT having to hire an expensive project manager, WITHOUT having to be on site every day, WITHOUT having to pay through the nose to get it done on time! You've significantly reduced your risk and protected your time, money and sanity.

"We're on budget and we don't expect any unforeseen costs"

Finally, imagine the level of confidence you and your fellow investors / partners will have when you can show that you have a profitable and replicable blueprint for successfully acquiring and refurbishing your properties. 

Imagine how much easier it will be to attract investment once you can demonstrate that you know how to successfully and profitably refurbish properties, time and time again.
“This is the Toolkit that keeps on giving. We used a tip Martin gave us to identify an issue with a property. We were able negotiate with the seller to have the work done, at their expense, by our builders before exchange, saving us around £1000. Not a bad ROI on my first months £39 investment for this tip alone...”
Kevin Cope


When you sign up to the Ultimate Refurb Toolkit you'll get instant access to our members area where you'll be able see that you have access to all of the following incredible coaching content. The only way to get access to this is to sign up to our monthly subscription for just £39.00 (inc. vat)

You'll get full access to:

Refurb Quickstart

5 Training Videos: Fact packed training from Martin himself, covering the four principle elements of successfully managing any property refurbishment.

Bonus Content: From time to time we will be dropping new FREE or sample content into The Ultimate Refurb Toolkit (Members Area) for you to try and utilise. This could include, checklists, how to guides, videos etc.

Normally: £27

Plus you get full access to:

Refurb Masterclass

11 Modules / Training Videos: You'll receive access to all of my Refurb Masterclass training videos in which I cover Finding Your Property, Making Money From Defects, Costing Your Project, Getting The Most From The Project, Specifications, Finding & Appointing Builders, Secrets of Working With Builders, Planning & Sequencing Works and Managing Budgets.

Downloadable Worksheets & Exercises: Each module and training video is accompanied by a worksheet or exercise to support your learning and guide you to the result.
Sample Documents: Sample Specifications, Sample Contracts and Refurbishment Checklists.

Normally: £297


Advanced Refurbishment Masterclass

Become an expert: In my Advanced Refurbishment Masterclass we'll go into even more detail to help you become a property refurbishment expert. You'll and be able to implement 'next level' skills during your refurbishment projects which will significantly increase your ability to attract investment and regularly run successful and profitable property refurbishment projects. 

Normally: £397

Feasibility and Appraisals 
We'll teach you how to put together a budget for your project and share the cost of typical works that you will be carrying out.
Planning Permission You'll receive expert advice about how to use planning permissions to your advantage. We'll also update this module as legislation updates are released.
Building Control
We'll unpack all you need to know about building regulations to ensure your project is compliant.

​​​Interior Design
We'll share tips that can improve the value of your property without increasing the cost and share details of products that we regularly specify.
Building Your Team
You can't do everything yourself, but do you know what experts are available to help you? We'll explain all of the different construction roles to you so that you can outsource when you need to.
Writing Specifications
Learn techniques to really take your specifications to the next level so that you avoid ambiguity and disputes with your builder.

Appointing Builders
Find out the difference between the various building contracts and learn how to use them to ensure a water tight agreement with your builder.
Managing the Works
Martin has been managing building projects for over 30 years and will be sharing his experience to make you a better Project Manager.

You can now access our:

Live Case Study

How would you like to go BEHIND THE SCENES of a refurbishment project?

Everything I coach fellow Property Investors on is being put into action on my recently purchased HMO. I'm documenting the entire journey so that I can share it with you. This exclusive 'behind the scenes' coaching content will only be available in The Ultimate Refurb Toolkit  (Members Area).

Normally: £97

Get your questions answered:

Weekly Q&A

Martin answers questions raised by his Facebook community every Tuesday and you will have access to the recording of all of these sessions to watch. These videos are about 60 minutes and come out every week to ensure that you are continually benefiting from your membership. You can save £000's just by learning from what other members of Martin's community are doing.

Value: £997

Download property refurbishment assets:


Factsheets: You'll get access to a whole suite of Factsheets that you can use to support your property refurbishment education. These information packed factsheets are a powerful resource for anyone getting into property refurbishment.

Normally: £197

“The content of the course has been amazing, there's so much more content than I was expecting... If I'd have done this course a year ago I think I would have saved about £20,000!”
Martin Taylor

Total Value of The Ultimate Refurb Toolkit:

over £2000!!!

You Pay Just 
£39 per Month!!

Monthly subscription plan. Cancel at any time but you won't want to!
“Just feeding back, your Advanced Refurbishment Masterclass is excellent! It's exactly what I needed to get to the next level”


Is this programme suitable for new property investors?

Yes. Regardless of your property investment and refurbishment experience, the Ultimate Refurb Toolkit is designed to help you navigate the journey, from beginning to end.

Is this programme for experienced property investors? 

Yes. If you've carried out lots of successful refurbishments but you think you could have done better then you will definitely get plenty of benefit from the Ultimate Refurb Toolkit. The weekly Q&A with Martin is more than worth the monthly subscription cost and is a great opportunity for more experienced investors to get expert coaching.

Do I need to have found a property to refurbish before joining this programme? 

Definitely not, in fact the course will help you to ensure that you are much better prepared BEFORE committing to your purchase.

I get the same builder to carry out all of my refurbishments, why do I need this programme? 

Remember that builders are good at building not necessarily property investing. Complacency is one of the biggest risks to property refurbishment and acquiring these skills can add huge value to your entire process. The most dangerous number in business is also the number 1! Having a relationship with just one builder can be a high risk strategy.

How do I access the Ultimate Refurb Toolkit?

Once you complete your purchase you'll receive an email from us with instructions on how to create your account and access the online toolkit. All of the content will be waiting for you as soon as you log in.

Will you be running any flash sales or special offers? 

No. This is now the best price that the Ultimate Refurb Toolkit will ever be. In fact it is worth considerably more than £39 / month. If you subscribe now, your price will remain the same regardless of any future increases.

Do I need to watch all of the videos in one go? 

No, they can all be watched individually which means you can easily refer back to the right video when you reach that stage of your refurbishment project. Don't forget, you get access for as long as you're subscribed.
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